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Accompanied Youth


ACCOMPANIED YOUTH TICKETS: For duty of care reasons, and to be in keeping with the family-based nature of the Event, “Accompanied Youth” tickets can only be purchased in conjunction with an adult ticket or by an adult who has already purchased a ticket. There is a limit of 3 accompanied youths for each Adult ticket. QMF reserves the right to refuse sale of “accompanied youth’ tickets in a bid to thwart any exploitation of the accompanying responsible adult policy. An accompanied youth is aged between 14 and 17 and must be wristbanded with the “responsible adult” who purchased the ticket.The accompanied youth will be wristbanded for the same sessions as the responsible adult who accompanies them. Proof of age for accompanied youth ticket may be required, such as driver learner permit or school ID. QMF also reserves the right to refuse entry to those who present as an “accompanied youth” for wristbanding at the Festival yet who fail to satisfy QMF personnel they are indeed accompanied by the responsible adult who purchased the ticket. [A “responsible adult” is a person who is acting in place of a parent and who could reasonably be expected to exercise responsible supervision of the accompanied youth].

Children 13 years and under who are accompanied by a ticketed responsible adult enter the Festival must have their own ticket and must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times at the Event.


Accompanied Youth who are under the care of a responsible adult other than their legal parent/guardian, must have filled out the Under Age Patron Consent Form signed by their legal parent/guardian and bring it with them to the Festival in order to be given a wristband.


There are 3 different aspects of Entry/Exit to consider in relation to Accompanied Youth.

1. Initial entry to event – Wristbanding:
The young person must present at wristbanding with an Accompanied Youth ticket, plus the above mentioned consent form if applicable, along with their ticketed Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult in order to exchange their ticket for a Festival Wristband. Tickets will not be exchanged for a young person presenting at wristbanding without their Accompanying Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult.

2. Entry to the event after initial entry and exchange of ticket for wristband:
Once the young person has exchanged their ticket for a wristband upon initial entry to the event, any subsequent entries to the event after this time (eg. the following day), must be with their Accompanying Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult. A young person will not be permitted entry to the event without their wristbanded Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult.

3. Exit from the event:
An Accompanied Youth will not be permitted to exit the main Festival arena without their Accompanying Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult. If an Accompanied Youth presents themselves at the Exit point un-accompanied they will be asked to wait there with there with Security and call their Accompanying Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult to come and exit the arena with them.

Accompanied Youth within main Festival arena (other than FReeZA Dry Zone):

-          Must be accompanied by their Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult at all times after 6pm.

-          Are not permitted to approach bar areas at any time. Monitored by bar queuing systems and RSA Security guards.

Accompanied Youth within FReeZA Dry Zone area:

-          14-17 year olds can be unaccompanied within Dry Zone areas during all Festival operating hours (Under 13 must be accompanied at all times). 

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