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Artist Applications

2024 Applications Have Now Closed

2025 Applications Will open early in the new year

We'll contact all applicants either way, sometime between now, and when we've finished booking the entire program. We're unable to provide updates on your application.

Please don't contact us regarding the status of your application.

Application Guidelines

The Festival

The 2024 Queenscliff Music Festival (the 26th edition) will be held on the 22nd, 23rd & 24th of November. Award winning and high profile, the Festival (QMF) is a community event that is operated by a minuscule staff and an army of truly amazing volunteers.

The Festival is held in the seaside heritage township of Queenscliff (hence the name) on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria. It is managed with respect for the local community and the sensitive coastal environment that supports the event.

Queenscliff encompasses a wide range of music, and we’re pretty much up for anything original (so no cover/tribute bands) and we don't really do EDM and Metal etc. Different or quirky will definitely catch our attention.

Your Application

You MUST have an Internet presence with streaming audio (preferably more than one song) to apply. This can be in the form of a Website, Social Media page, or YouTube (or other). This saves you CD’s and postage costs. PLEASE DON’T snail mail us your CDs. It’s a huge waste.

Quick tip: we love a good video, as we can hear AND see you in action!

We receive many more applications than we have slots on the program for and in the end we will program what we believe will work best for our Festival.

The line-up is different every year, so if your application is unsuccessful this year, it may not be a reflection on the quality of your music and more because it just didn’t fit in the mix of a particular year. So, if you’re confident that you are suited to the Queenscliff program, we encourage you to apply again in 2024.

Programming decisions are final and made for a variety of reasons and as such, we will not explain why your application was not successful. We have a very small but busy office so phone calls or emails lobbying for your application WILL NOT be answered.

Quick tip: please dont contact us about your application status, or why you weren't succesful - we just simply dont have the time. 

Performing @ QMF

CONCERTS: A typical set goes for 45-75min, and we like the majority of our acts to perform multiple shows over the festival weekend; this works best for us, and you! Most of our acts selected via applications do a minimum of 3-4 shows. Main stage acts normally only perform 1 show.

COMEDY: We do have a small number of comedy acts included in the program. We are mainly looking for musical comedy acts though.

KIDS / FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT: A hosted kids entertainment program in our Kids Quarter area. We try and cater for Kids of all ages, so we have a really diverse program. Music acts, circus performers, storytellers, clowns, etc… this is for you. Outside & inside performances, on stage, or roving throughout the festival.

Other parts of the QMF Program


This is our own local brand of a FReeZA funded program dedicated to emerging talent that is totally delivered by young people. It consists of 2-3 genre based competitions – rock; acoustic/folk; blues, roots & beyond. FITD competition applications are online from August 1st.


QMF runs a Busking competition that takes place throughout the town at various different busking locations. Applications for this go online Sept 1st. 

Performance Fees

When quoting a performance fee for the Festival in your application please consider the following: -

  • The majority of Artists picked from the applications play multiple times, over multiple days.
  • Please provide a quote based on 3-4 x 45-75min performances.
  • Main stage acts normally only perform once.
  • Please put down just a figure in the space provided for the quote – no need to explain.
  • QMF works only on delivered fees. As in you get yourself to the Festival and back.
  • We provide some accomm (as per below).
  • Some venues and program spots have a very small budget allocated to them, so we may not be able to meet your quote. If we really like you though and we think you fit that spot, we may still offer it to you. Please don’t be offended, it’s just how it works.
  • Keep in mind, we’re a community based, not-for-profit event.
  • Our Festival provides pathways to emerging artists and we can provide you with opportunities money just can’t buy, so please consider this when submitting your quote.

Quick tip: there are no wrong or right answers here, you need to work out what works best for you.


Accommodation is strictly limited.  With an extremely finite supply, we use a priority system with the following criteria:

  • The distance away from home
  • Artists playing the primary stages
  • Artists playing for two or more days
  • Artists who finish after midnight
  • Artists only – we do not offer accommodation to friends/partners/guests/management/roadies.
  • On a "bed per person" basis:  i.e. not single rooms
  • Accommodation is never guaranteed; it is always negotiated on a contract-by-contract basis.


Queenscliff is approximately 90 minutes from Melbourne, on the Bellarine Peninsula.  QMF does not provide travel for Artists and works on Delivered Fees. So you will need to be prepared to make your own way to and from Queenscliff by whichever method you prefer (plane, train, car, bus, ferry, hovercraft). 

International Artists

Queenscliff is a festival that primarily celebrates the depth and breadth of Australian contemporary music. However we are open to having special International Guests on occasions. International artists will ideally have a local Australian Promoter. 


QMF does not take responsibility for any equipment or belongings brought onto the Festival site by the Artist, even when that equipment is under the supervision of person/s associated with QMF.


Please be aware that the Festival’s Public & Products Liability Insurance does not provide protection for Artists. 

It is your responsibility to arrange your own public liability insurance. If you are not sure of your insurance status, we suggest you refer to your Manager / Agent as appropriate. 

Artists will be required to provide QMF with a copy of your insurance statements prior to performing at the event.

Quick tip: YES, you must have it, yes we ask, yes we check, and yes we wont let your perform without it. Checkout Duck For Cover as an option.


QMF provides backline for some stages, NOT ALL.  Other than the backline provided (as per QMF specs) on these stages, you must organise and provide all your own gear/equipment. 

Noise Restrictions

Due to EPA requirements and us being the best possible Neighbours we can be, please be aware that sound level monitoring takes place throughout the Festival. Artists are required to abide be these restrictions. We highly recommend that Artists use the sound engineers provided by the QMF crews. 


QMF provides riders by negotiation with Artists performing on main stages only. We do not guarantee rider requests will be met.

Applications closed on Friday March 31st 11:59pm

The deadline is the deadline.  - The application form will be removed from our website upon applications closing. No applications will be considered after this time. Please send any queries in regards to this process to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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