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Towards Zero


If you’ve been to Queenscliff, you know we live in a special place - pristine beaches, soaring sandstone cliffs and internationally recognised bays and wetlands. It’s a spectacular place to stage a music festival.

We want this beautiful region to stay that way, so we are supporting delivery of our community-led Climate Emergency Response Plan.

You might not know this, but our remarkable little community has established its own climate action Group (QCAN) that works with local council and organistions like QMF, to get us all toward zero emissions by 2031. These guys deliver a range of programs like solar, heat pump and battery bulk buys, energy efficient building audits, and environmental regeneration projects.

Festival goers have jumped on board with our plan to separate waste into streams, respected our single use plastic free policy, embraced our sustainability goals, and you’ve treated our green team volunteers like the legends they are. For that we say thank you!

Now, we’re extending our good energy into our local community, by supporting Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale to reach net zero emission by 2031. 

This involves us working together to seriously reduce carbon emissions across our community – the big ones for us locally are the electricity and gas we use to power our homes and businesses, and transport. At the same time we need to make sure we protect our local biodiversity and regenerate our environment to draw down carbon and ensure that this incredible place is protected for future generations.

When you add-on one $6 Emission Reduction Credit to your festival ticket you are contributing to our collective effort to become a Zero Carbon Community.

With your support, we can continue achieving great things together. Since QCAN was formed, our community has:

  • Generated a whopping 450kw of renewable electricity from the rooftops of homes, businesses and community organisations in the 3225 region, just in the seven month period to July 2023 alone.
  • Secured funding to utilise big rooftop spaces for some major solar projects – check out the impressive system on the Point Lonsdale Bows Club which has drastically slashed the Club’s bills; and the soon to be installed 64kW system that will go on the Queenscliff Maritime Museum roof.
  • Rolled out significant replanting projects in parks and recreation areas, regenerating with Indigenous species that have adapted to our local climatic conditions and provide the right food and shelter for our wildlife (thanks to the Swan Bay Environment Association!)
  • Backed Council to transition its entire operations to a 100% renewable electricity supply.
  • Provided our local school kids with support to become climate active in their community through regular Junior QCAN events.
  • Launched a region-first energy efficient homes program to make our buildings operate better – saving us all a load of money on electricity bills in the long run.

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