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Queenie is the trash queen alter-ego of Melbourne musician Eloise Thetford. Slaying her way as fearless performer who wears her heart on her sleeve. Her live shows shake, shudder and smolder with fiery charisma and freewheeling stagecraft whether she’s performing solo or with her band, a rogues gallery of Melbourne’s finest musicians.

Beneath all the sizzle, though, is a unique and powerful voice: tender one moment and visceral the next, Thetford can soar from Emmy-Lou Harris to Mariah Carey at the drop of a hat, launching her deeply emotive songwriting into the stratosphere like a rocket strapped to a Cadillac.

Two indie singles over the last year and half coupled with dozens of shows across Australia, Queenie is stealing hearts and taking names. Highlights include performances a slew of festival appearances (Dashville Skyline, Party in the Paddock, Boogie 2023), an invitation to perform at the 2023 APRA Music Awards and completing her debut record, released in late 2024 on Cheersquad Records & Tapes.

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