Ticket Resale

Ticket Resale

Following the sell-out of this year's Festival, we have now partnered with TIXEL to offer a Resale facility.

The Tixel platform will assist those of you...



Can I resell my tickets

Our official ticket resale partner is Tixel. This is the only place where you can buy and sell guaranteed, genuine pre-loved tickets.

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Can I choose who I sell my ticket to?

If you have already found a buyer for your ticket but want to complete the transaction safely, you can create a private sale by selecting the ‘make my listing private’ option at the final step. Otherwise, your listing will be public and available for all potential buyers to see.

Who can use this facility?

This facility is available to original ticket holders who purchased tickets directly via TryBooking.

I’ve sold my ticket. When will I receive my money?

Your money will be available to withdraw from your Tixel account the day after the event. You can always see this date in 'My Tickets' on your Tixel Account. Once withdrawn, it will take the standard processing times for the funds to reach your account. This can vary based on your bank but can take anywhere between 1 and 4 business days.

Are my tickets guaranteed to sell?

No, tickets are not guaranteed to sell. Supply and demand will dictate whether or not your tickets are sold prior to the event.

How can I purchase pre-loved tickets?

Missed out on tickets for the 2022 Queenscliff Music Festival? Tixel is our approved resale platform allowing customers to resell their tickets in a safe and honest marketplace. As per the law, tickets cannot be sold at a higher price than 10% of the retail rate, with this platform ensuring customers the protection against ticket gouging and scalping.

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How can I avoid scammers?

Ticket scammers are out and about, don't become a victim! If you find a buyer or seller online, insist they transact with you via Tixel to know you are buying a genuine ticket. Sellers have the option to create a private sale by selecting the ‘make my listing private’ option at the final step.

How do adult + child tickets work?

For the seller: Your adult + child ticket will be listed as an adult ticket only, giving you a better chance of selling them. 

For the purchaser: You can purchase adult tickets through Tixel, and reach out to us via Contact Us to organise additional child tickets.

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