Combining Sweethearts love for soul and funk music with a focus on highly engaging stage performances, Sweethearts make it irresistable for the audience to not sing and dance along.

The ever-changing sounds of Sweethearts give a refreshing take on modern, classic & neo soul.

Sweethearts have emerged from covid lockdowns with a fire and desire for exploring new sounds. Unwilling to rest on their current song catalouge and wealth of experience, audiences can expect new original work from a range of Sweethearts songwriters, as well as inspired adaptions of other songs ranging from 60’s R&B to modern funk and groove.

“Sweethearts are keeping the music of Soul alive and I feel confident that it’s in great hands” Vivian Sessoms, Vocalist, USA.

It’s irresistable to not sing and dance along with Sweethearts who currently boast 30 band members so talented, you won’t know where to look.

Sweethearts strive to break the expectations and limitations placed on young women with an electrifying stage show that demands your attention. From sizzling guitar solos to vocal tones that will literally stop you in your tracks, Sweethearts really do know how to keep you entertained.

"There is nothing like this band in the world. These girls need to be heard.” Bernard Purdie, Drumming legend, USA.


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