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Seeker Lover Keeper is the collaborative project of three of Australia’s most beloved musicians; Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby and Sally Seltmann. The band originated, as many things do, from a conversation at a pub. In 2007, Sarah and Holly went to see Sally play a show in Sydney, and the three ended up drinking and talking well into the night. At some point during the night a plan arose: wouldn’t it be fun to tour together sometime? Sally suggested they should start a band. Without hesitation, Sarah and Holly said yes.

After releasing their now-iconic and much-loved self-titled debut album in 2011 Seeker Lover Keeper undertook multiple tours and then went their separate ways. Since then Sarah released three records, composed for film and television, and had a son; Holly wrote two novels, released an album, and had a daughter; and Sally relocated with her family to LA for a time, released an album, wrote a novel, and composed for television.
It wasn’t until recently that they decided to come together again, 12 years after they first met and 8 years since they last played together. The album Wild Seeds with the extraordinary singles Superstar, Wild Seeds and Let it Out was released in 2019 to unanimous critical acclaim, it’s a dazzling display of virtuosic song-writing, harmony and melody. Fans around the country flocked to their recent sold-out Australian tour.


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