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The Queenscliff Music Festival is a registered not-for-profit organisation.

QMF Inc. is a registered not-for-profit cultural organisation that is community based and provides a unique and significant contribution to the Australian contemporary music industry.

QMF Inc. was founded in 1997 by a small band of locals keen to increase the value of tourism to the local economy and to promote the unique characteristics of Queenscliff.

QMF Inc.’s vision of being “a creative and socially responsible organization that fosters the community and arts” has driven the evolution and development of the organisation. From humble beginnings as a small festival in 1997 with 1460 attendees and just 23 volunteers, QMF Inc. has grown over 24 years and now not only hosts a highly successful festival in November with over 25,000 attendees including more than 500 volunteers but is also delivering additional events that provide year round arts and culture experiences. Each of these activities provides a significant boost to Queenscliff and Bellarine tourism. 

QMF Inc. acknowledges that our events have a direct impact on the environment and therefore is committed to establishing Environmental Management Plans for all events. Our aim is to enhance the environment through operations and minimise any negative effects. QMF Inc. will continue to improve waste practices whilst looking at ways to further benefit the environment through reductions to our broader carbon footprint.

Vision Statement

QMF Inc. is a creative and socially responsible organisation which engages and fosters the community and arts.

Mission Statement

Queenscliff Music Festival Inc. will:

  1. Offer audiences unique experiences which are memorable, delivered in style and are family-friendly

  2. Feature the depth and breadth of Australian contemporary artists, foster emerging talent and

    embrace special international guests when appropriate

  3. Provide events with high quality venues, services, management, and minimal environmental impact

  4. Generate cultural and economic benefits to the local community

  5. Foster and develop community ownership through a well-supported and enthusiastic team of staff

    and volunteers, and

  6. Plan for long term sustainability through financial responsibility and good governance.

Core Values

Creativity     Community     Socially Responsible     Integrity

Current Board Members

Geoff Mutton (Chair)

Fran Briard (Deputy Chair)

Peter Callahan (Treasurer)

Anne Horsley (Secretary)

Carolyn Williams

Jane Wager

Chris Longmore

Laura Wrigley


Volunteers donate their time both throughout the year and over the Festival weekend.

There is a team of about 40 people who take on key volunteer management roles and around 500 volunteers who work during the event itself.

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