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Following the sell out of this years QMF, we are now offering a service to anyone wishing to purchase any available tickets offered for sale by current ticket holders through our 2017 Ticket Swap Service.

Below is information for those wishing to register their interesting in buying tickets, and for those with tickets they wish to register to sell.



Registering your interest via this site, means any tickets that are issued to you, will be valid for entry. We match you to our known sellers based on the time of registration. You will need to register, and pay for your tickets upfront. If/when we match you to a registered seller we will automatically issue you with your ticket/s through Trybooking, via email.

There is no guarantee tickets will become available, as we may receive more people wanting to buy, than there are people wanting to sell.
If we are unable to issue you with ticket/s by November 17th, we will refund you.
To manage demand we will put a cap on the number of people registering wanting to buy tickets. If more tickets than expected become available, we will increase the cap on registration.
We are providing this matching service but cannot guarantee to find a seller. This service does however, guarantee that your tickets will be valid for entry should we find a seller.


UPDATE: Due to to the demand of people registering to buy, we are more likely to be able to on-sell a Saturday or Sunday ticket. We are no longer taking registrations to sell 3 Day or 2 Day tickets due to demand.


As a result of this years sell out event will offer the opportunity for current ticket holders who may have some tickets unable to be used, and wish to offer them for sale. If so, you must first carefully read the Terms and Conditions (below), and agree to them

Following this process, we will offer these tickets to interested purchasers on the Registered Ticket Purchase Waitlist. Ticket sales and purchases will be processed strictly according to time of registration.

On completion of the sale of your tickets, the QMF will refund your ticket purchase price to you.  No administration fees will be charged.    

Important to note: your registered tickets for sale will be on offer for sale, and cannot be sold privately by you unless we received your emailed notice of withdrawl before the ticket has been sold by us.

Terms and Conditions of Listing:

This site allows you to list any tickets you no longer need in the hope of finding a buyer for them.
No guarantee can be made over finding a suitable buyer
If a buyer is found, your tickets WILL be refunded and resold WITHOUT communication with you.
It is your responsibility should you change your mind or sell them elsewhere to notify AND obtain a confirmation that your listing has been removed.
Failure to notify the Queenscliff Music Festival office, if your tickets are sold, will result in the original tickets being rejected at the gate.
Once listed, no checking on the status of these tickets will be taken by the Queenscliff Music Festival office.
Once a buyer is found, your tickets will be refunded and voided so cannot be used for entry.

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