Tiptoe Giants


Do you have your feet ready? Come stomp, dance, and tiptoe with indie-kindie band Tiptoe Giants. Their show "Little Steps Big Adventures" is an epic musical rainbow, from calypso melodies and "jazz-hand" swingers, to bluegrass toe-tappers and funky bangers, and more!

Tiptoe Giants creates original music about the BIG and SMALL things in life, for families to enjoy together. Live, their dynamic shows incorporate high-energy dancing, charming harmonies, and live instrumentals to captivate and inspire little giants - and their big giants too!

Tiptoe Giants’ fun, contemporary and wholesome music EMPOWERS children to THINK, FEEL, AND GROW as individuals and within communities. Focusing on rich, sincere content that is age appropriate, the Tiptoes extend children linguistically, rhythmically, cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally - all while setting their audiences free to have a blast!  Kids and adults share the dance floor as Tiptoe Giants inspire the little giant in all of us.

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