The Mik Maks


The Mik Maks are a band of brothers that bring the ROCK to kids music. Born and bred on farming land in Victoria's West The Mik Maks performed over 200 shows all across the country in 2018.  Many of their songs are inspired from their experiences growing up and working their sheep and cropping farm.

The Mik Maks were recently judged 'Best Kids Live Show' at the What's On 4 Kids Awards Australia. To put it simply, kids go nuts for their music and Youtube content.

Who are the key people involved with The Mik Maks?

Joel is the eldest of the Mik Mak brothers and frontman of the band.  Joel's 15 years experience in education and performing comes to the fore in every Mik Mak show.  He knows what kids want and is the expert in engaging young audiences.

Al is youngest Mik Mak and musical director of the group. Regarded as one of the best musicians in children's entertainment, Al's vocals are the highlight of any show. He is the voice of The Mik Maks.

Drums the Panda's drum solo must be seen to be believed. Not only is Drums super talented, he's incredibly cute and very cheeky.

It’s fair to say The Mik Maks YouTube Channel has gone global with a whopping 240,000,000 channel views.  Millions of eyes are now seeing their creative work. The Mik Maks own children feature in many of the clips and can sometimes be found performing on stage. 

Come and see why The Mik Maks are taking children’s music by storm.


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