Sarah Carroll & Shannon Bourne


Together Sarah Carroll and Shannon Bourne perform with a profound understanding of great song craft and virtuosic musicianship. Sarah’s songs chime with sincerity and come straight from her big, brave heart; Shannon Bourne is Australia’s foremost free-thinking guitarist.

SHANNON BOURNE: As long as I’ve known Sarah and seen her play in all of her bands, there is one thing that sticks in my mind: Sarah shines something so beautiful out into a room of people. When she’s feeling bright you can feel it, when she’s feeling mischievous, it’s delicious. When Sarah is feeling sad, you can feel it and empathise. What a power to have! I look forward to playing a special show with her and feeling all there is to feel.

SARAH CARROLL: Shannon plays with the skill of a lifetime drenched in sound; his music combines muscular dexterity with pin-drop finesse, and his courage, compassion and intelligence glow in every note. He will always belong in our family, as a dear friend, and a musical brother.

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