To Our Dear QMF Family,

All of us here at QMF hope you're keeping well during these difficult times.

I want to continue to keep our loyal QMF ticket holders, volunteers, crew, partners, artists, community and supporters updated on QMF2020 as things continue to unfold.

As of right now, we're still aiming to have a Festival this November 27-29. However, it is becoming clear that this will not be a normal year for QMF one way or another.

A few key changes for now...

* we won't be releasing 2 Day Sat+Sun Tickets on May 1st as we usually would. We'll release these if/when we release Single Day tickets, which would be post lineup announcement.
* we will keep ticket prices at the current Early Bird price until we get greater certainty that we can proceed with this year's Festival. Whilst we have now surpassed our normal allocation of Early Bird tickets, we do not feel it appropriate to be increasing prices right now.
* we wont be releasing any lineup announcements early June as we normally aim to do. It may be that we announce the lineup as late as August this year, if we're given the green light.
* QMF 2020 is likely to be 100% Australian artists. Whilst we would love to present some of the international artists we had/have lined up, it's increasingly unlikely they would be able to travel here from overseas for QMF. It also means we would be able to better support Australian artists, and the Australian Music Industry if we go this way.

Whilst we remain hopeful of holding QMF as close to 'normal' as possible, we do understand that this may very well not be possible, and we may potentially need to change things in order to be able to have a festival. We are working toward making a decision by August at the latest if we're going to proceed with a Festival this year.

I want to be as clear as I can about this... if we are unable to hold the Festival this year we will offer FULL REFUNDS ON TICKETS. If this occurs we hope that we might be able to offer a 'Transfer My Ticket to 2021' option as well. So please, if you're thinking of buying a ticket for this year (or next even!), have the confidence that you will be able to get a refund, if this year's festival cannot go ahead. 

Please consider donating to Support Act - who are supporting music workers impacted by the Coronavirus.

Also please consider supporting our local community and businesses. Buy a voucher, book in a holiday for next year, buy local if you live local, and visit us as soon as you're allowed! We're committed to supporting our community, and are working through some ideas of how QMF may be able to help once this is all behind us.

Should you have any questions, please contact us directly via hello@qmf.net.au

Much Love,

Andrew Orvis & Team QMF xo

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