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2015 Kids Quarter Program featuring...


The MarimbaTaters are senior primary students from Tate Street Primary School in East Geelong, who love to play the marimba! They perform a range of tunes including African-inspired pieces and funky grooves. The MarimbaTaters have recorded their debut album, Mavambo, and have performed at music festivals and cultural events. Led by Dani Rocca and accompanied by Adam Burke, the MarimbaTaters are sure to impress.

 Red The Clown

Magic - Unicycling - Juggling - Devil Sticks - Stories & Songs - Balloon Modelling -  Lots of Audience Participation

RED'S work is individual, great fun and speaks for itself with over 300 performances per annum throughout Victoria and interstate. 

RED has the skills to entertain general audiences as well as workshops and shows designed for specific age groups.

RED has performed for - almost every Melbourne festival, Darwin Festival,
Adelaide Festival, Alice Springs Winter Festival, Brisbane FREEP, Young Talent Time, Moomba, FEIPP, Hey, Hey, It's Saturday as well as Schools, Libraries, Kindergartens and Shopping Centres and Parties too numerous to mention. Red has also been the resident compere of the Children's Tent at the Port Fairy Folk Festival for the past decade.

Judith Lanigan

5 Things You Shouldn’t do on a Ladder

Hula Hoop stunt artist Judith Lanigan has a job at the Dept. of Safety demonstrating the things you should NEVER do on a Ladder. It’s a dangerous job but someone has to do it.

Disclaimer- the information presented in this performance is intended for demonstration purposes only and is not to be attempted in the home or workplace.

Judith Lanigan studied hula hoops at the Moscow State Circus, is naturally stupid, and has spent A LOT of time exploring what is, and isn’t, possible on a ladder. 

After performing her hula hoop variation of the Dying Swan extensively at international Arts and Street Theatre Festival Lanigan documented her experiences in an award winning novel ‘A True History of the Hula Hoop’ published by Picador in 2009.  

Her books are available via her website



Showko is a highly skilled ventriloquist and Rakugo performer who has delighted audiences on the world stage on TV and Radio for over 20 years. She was trained by a Rakugo master for many years after which she received her stage name ”Showko Shoufukutei”. Rakugo is a 400yr old form of traditional Japanese entertainment where the artist kneels on a cushion and delivers a comic story acting all the characters by herself with the aid of two traditional props, a fan and handkerchief.

Based in London, Osaka, Tokyo and now Australia, Showko has performed Internationally at theaters and festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Brighton Fringe, many Sister City Festivals in Australia, Adelaide Festival Centre, and the National Bunraku Theatre and Hanjotei Rakugo Theater in Japan.

Now together with her ventriloquist skills and “larger than life” team of puppets she delivers her surreal Ventriloquist Comedy Theatre and Rakugo storytelling across Australia performing at festivals, theaters and events for adults, families and children.


Pete & his Circus Dogs

When you see Pete & his Circus Dogs in action it doesn't take long to see how these pretty puppies passed dog disobedience school in a fraction of the usual time.

The stars of the show are Lou Lou, a 16yr old Poodle, Pip, a rescued Poodle, and the very photogenic Bubbles.

They have appeared on, and won, Hey Hey It's Saturdays Red Faces in 2013.


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