QMM QMF Shared Facility Plan


Queenscliff Maritime Museum (QMM) and Queenscliff Music Festival (QMF) are collaborating on a project to develop a shared facility plan to support the enhancement of the QMM site and to provide much needed space for QMF.

The two Committees have been working together for a couple of years to develop a partnership that will benefit both organisations and the broader community.

To this end QMF and QMM undertook some preliminary work with the Borough of Queenscliffe (BOQ) last year, and then applied for a community capacity building grant from Regional Development Victoria (RDV) to undertake further work that would help QMM and QMF (together with community input) to identify what enhancements could be done to the QMM site that would at minimum:

  • Create an asset with broad appeal and access for broader community use,
  • Provide improved facilities and revenue earning capacity for QMM, and
  • Provide long term space, storage and whole of year access to QMF assets for QMF and broader community use.

The QMM is a located at an important entry point to Queenscliff and is home to the historic Fisherman’s Co-op building.  Part of the facility is also shared by the QMF for repair and maintenance purposes.  The Museum site has great potential but it is currently underutilised. This project aims to develop a concept plan that will enhance the use of the Fisherman’s Co-op building, improve the amenities of the Boat Shed and its environs, and provide improved access to QMF assets to allow them to be used throughout the year by the community.









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