Pasta Face

A genuinely warm welcome and first rate friendly service.
Pasta Face Food Truck is Melbourne's First & only Gourmet Pasta Food Truck. We bring irresistible Italian, delicious, pasta dishes and street food to the streets of Melbourne - made by hand, straight from the heart!
Our business was born of a dream to create and share those joyful food memories that shape people's lives and love of food - those good times when what you're eating is just so damn delicious, that you care not about the sauce on your chin, but the smile on your face!


Macaroni Cheese Croquettes
Panko crumbed, crispy fried, golden croquettes of our creamy, secret-recipe Macaroni Cheese; served with fresh rocket and our house-made saffron garlic aioli. (VEG)  
1 for $5  
2 for $10  
3 for $14  

Pan Fried Potato Gnocchi - $15
Our fresh handmade potato gnocchi, pan fried to light and crispy perfection, tossed in garlic, olive oil, and fresh herbs. (VEG) (VEGAN)   

Parmesan & Truffle Chips - $10
Crisp potato chips, seasoned with fresh Parmesan, Truffle and rosemary garlic salt. (VEG) 

Gourmet Ragu Parmesan & Truffle Chips - $14
Crisp potato chips, seasoned with Fresh Parmesan, Truffle and rosemary garlic salt, topped with our famous Tuscan Beef Ragu. 


Slow-Cooked Tuscan Beef Ragu with Potato Gnocchi - $15
Full flavoured, slow-cooked, Tuscan Style  Ragu of tender beef with red wine, tomato and fresh herbs, served over our handmade potato gnocchi.

Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli - $15
Fresh & Delicious spinach & ricotta ravioli, served with our tasty house made napolitana sauce & fresh basil. (VEG)   

Boscaiola Tortellini - $15
Chicken & wild mushroom tortellini served with a delicious creamy sauce of mushrooms, Italian bacon, and white wine

Gnocchi Gorgonzola - $15
Our light and fluffy home-made potato gnocchi, served with a delicious creamy flavorsome gorgonzola cheese sauce, finished with walnuts. (VEG)

All our delicious pasta is served with your choice of grana padano parmesan cheese & fresh hand cut chilli.


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