Ghost Kitchen

The name ‘Ghost Kitchen’ was inspired by ancient and ceremonial customs of offering food and drink to those who had passed over.

With a sense of duty and respect for the traditions of Taiwan, the street-food inspired menu remains faithful to the recipes of Chen’s ancestors. Jenny believes in food that is healthy, nutritious with bold and exciting flavors and this passion is reflected within the fresh ingredients used, which are sourced from local farmer’s markets.

From just a single marquee at the local farmers markets, Ghost Kitchen has grown to include a successful food truck with catering and function services. The truck regularly serves at music festivals, food and wine festivals, corporate functions, weddings, art exhibitions and birthday parties, offering a unique and convenient approach to celebrations.

Ghost Kitchen is something a little bit different amongst the wave of food trucks. Staying true to authentic flavors and traditions, the food served out of this colorful truck has a modern twist that’ll send your taste buds on a mini holiday to the streets of Taiwan.



Spring Onion Pancake - $7
V - 100% authentic homemade Taiwanese pancake with organic spring onions sourced locally from regional farmers markets. Served with either soy or chilli sauce and toppings as listed, unless otherwise requested. 
V with egg - $8
with pork floss - $8
V with ASIAN doughnut - $8
with THE LOT - $10
with Taiwanese Sausage + Egg - $10


Salt 'n' Pepper Popcorn Chicken - $13
GF - The Cult Classic originating from the night markets of Taiwan. Chicken cookes in a light batter coated with pepper and spices. Served with optional chilly sauce

Taiwanese Burger Gua Boa - $13
The better, more succulent version of the Aussie Burger! Large pieces of luscious pork belly, that has been slow braised overnight then sandwiched in between our special home made steamed buns. Comes with sweet chilli paste, grounded peanuts, fresh pickles and coriander


Taiwanese Pork Sausage - $4
Made from minced pork infused with soy and honey and served in home made black pepper sauce. The tastiest sausage in the stick!

Sweet Potato Chips - $10
GF - V -Served with sweet & sour Plum seasoning

Pan Fried Vegetarian Dumplings - 3 fro $6
V - Home made dumplings with chinese cabbage filled with vegetables of shitake mushrooms, tofu, carrot & bomboo shoots.



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