Those Guys Food


  • Texas Cheese steak sandwich - $15
    12 hour smoked beef, caramelized onions and capsicum stacked up then topped with melted sliced American cheese served in a fresh bread roll.

  • Chicken Po’ Boy - $15
    Popcorn chicken tossed in Cajun aioli served in a bread roll with fresh coz lettuce and sliced tomato topped with spring onions

  • Nachos Grande (veg option available) (low gluten) - $15 **
    Corn chips covered in shredded cheddar cheese then smothered with our signature chili con carne (beef), or smoked beef, covered once more in shredded cheese topped with sour cream, spring onions and jalapeños.

  • Quesadilla (veg option available) - $12
    A tortilla stuffed with cheese, grilled onion and capsicum then covered in cheese again and melted till awesome. Add chicken or beef for $2 extra

  • Texas Chili Cheese fries (low gluten) - $14**
    Pimped up fries with secret seasoning, chili con carne (beef) or smoked beef, topped with shredded cheese, jalapeños and spring onions

  • Buffalo Chicken Wings - $14
    Twice fried crispy chicken wings tossed in authentic Buffalo wing sauce served with our signature blue cheese dip.

  • Hot dog and fries - $10
    New York style hot dog in a fresh bread roll served with a side of fries. Mustard and Ketchup provided

  • Chilli Dog - $10
    Hot dog in a fresh bread roll topped with chili con carne (beef) and shredded cheddar cheese

  • Fries (low gluten) - $5 **
    Would you like some fries with that?

**our mention of low gluten is what would normally be termed as gluten free but unless prepared in 100% gluten free environment it cannot be gluten free and this is why we say low gluten.


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