Hotties Eat Rotis

The Hotties Eat Rotis team have been serving up healthy, delicious Roti Wraps at music festivals for the past 20 years. Roti Wraps are also environmentally friendly as the packaging is essentially the yummy roti bread. When great food is what you want make a Roti Wrap a part of your festival experience.



Curry roti wraps

Indonesian beef rending curry with rice and coconut chutney, served wrapped inside toasted tomato roti bread (dairy free) - $12

Thai green chicken curry with rice, served wrapped inside toasted spinach roti bread (dairy free) - $12

Indonesian satay vegetable curry with rice, served wrapped inside toasted turmeric roti bread (vegan) - $10

Indian spinach and roasted pumpkin dahl with rice, served wrapped inside toasted GF roti bread (gluten free & vegan) - $10


Sweet roti wrap

Caramel bananas with toasted coconut served wrapped inside toasted cinnamon roti bread $10



Festival recovery tonic: fresh turmeric, ginger, lime & honey blended w/ coconut water $4 

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