Teeny Tiny Stevies

In 2015, sisters Byll and Beth from folk-pop band The Little Stevies started playing around writing children’s songs. Inspired originally by the need to teach Byll’s three-year-old about the challenges of toilet training, the side-hobby was so much fun and so effective, before they knew it, they’d written and recorded a full-length album.

Although playing and writing for kids was never a life-long dream, for two sisters whose parents were touring musicians when they were kids, it turns out Byll and Beth were naturals.

They’ve since been commissioned to write music for Sesame Street’s online channel in the US, signed a record deal with ABC Music, and won the ARIA Award for ‘Best Children’s Album’ in 2020.

In 2018 they licensed 11 animated music videos to ABC KIDS TV. Two years later, these interstitials have been played over 10 million times on the ‘on demand’ ABC KIDS iView app, making Teeny Tiny Stevies the second highest rating Australian content during that time.

Zoe Foster-Blake got it right when she penned a blog to her 700k Instagram followers about Teeny Tiny Stevies titled: “Kids Music That Doesn’t Suck”.


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