Emerging Artist Grant

2019 Queenscliff Music Festival Emerging Artist Grant


Queenscliff Music Festival 2019 is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 Emerging Artist Grant (EAG) and the Alison McKenzie Mentor Program. Fostering forerunners in the Bellarine music scene, the EAG initiative assists in the development and completion of projects by local musicians for up to $10,000 per year, with approximately $4,000 stemming from the contributions of Friends of the Festival. The Emerging Artist Grant and Alison McKenzie Mentor Program ensure musicians have the support necessary to follow through with their ambitions, an imperative of the Queenscliff Music Festival. 

Queenscliff Music Festival will support local artists Momoko Rose and Nathan Seeckts with their forthcoming recording, live show and video projects this year to the tune of $5,000 each, alongside a live slot on this year's stages. 


- Grants of up to $10,000
- The 9th year of grant funding
- Individuals or groups can submit
- For various types of projects (as per below guidelines)
- For 'emerging' artists from the Barwon South West Region

CLICK HERE - for more information

Any questions: taylor@qmf.net.au 

The grant aims to provide individual/s with the opportunity to enhance their musical career and thus support emerging talent in the regions of Geelong, Barwon South West and the Bellarine Peninsula.

Donate to the Grant by signing up as a Friend of the Festival


2018 Recipients - MDRN Love & Fenn Wilson

2017 Recipients - The Refuge & Andrea Robertson

2016 Recipients - Hollie Joyce & Rach Brennan

2015 Recipients - The Tiny Giants & Rough River

2014 Recipients - Aine Tyrrell & Sagamore

2013 Recipients - The Murlocs, Sweethearts & Yirrmal

2012 Recipients - Alister Turrill & Tom Milek

2011 Recipients - Catherine Sanzaro & Izzy Losi

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