Simply Vegan Cuisine


   Vegan Nachos w/ mild chilli beans, guacamole, corn mix, jalapenos, salsa and divine bio cheese! $14

   Chickpea curry with fluffy turmeric rice served with cool cucumber cream $13

   Spaghetti Bolognese – El dente spaghetti pasta with rich tomato & veggie mince sauce topped with bio cheese $13

   Raw zucchini linguini served with carrot, beetroot & spinach, zesty tomato/basil dressing topped with bio cheese $13

   Chilli Non Carne  served with delicious fluffy turmeric rice $13

   Rice Hot Pockets - Coconut coriander rice with peas, carrot, onion , garlic, melted bio cheese, wrapped in mountain bread and toasted  $7

   Veggie Snag in bread with fried onions,  tomato sauce/and or mustard - delicious vegan snag in soft fresh bread with fried organic onions, sauce and mustard – kids heaven! $4.5

   Cheese & Tomato Toastie – Melted bio cheese & tomato in Zeally Bay sourdough – toasted $7
Raw Carrot Cake
– delicious mix of lemon & lemon zest , carrot & coconut butter  -  chia & dates , cashews , peanuts, maple syrup ,on base  $5

   Raw Vegan Chocolate Fudge - Raw cacao, peanuts, coconut, dates, maple syrup & tarty sour cherries $7

   Peanut Butter Cheese Cakes – delicious smooth chocolate & peanut butter cheese cake on biscuit base - $6

   Allergens Alert
Soy – Nuts


   Beautiful banana & Berry smoothie with Soy milk  (organic) $8.5

   Dolly’s Rainbow Smoothie – a delicious blend of seasonal fruit & soy milk– sweet and satin smooth (organic) $8.5

   Pure Water – fluoride and toxin free $3


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