Japanese Rice Box


Bento (Japanese Lunch Box) - $12
Teriyaki Chicken
Teriyaki chicken, seasonal salad, vegetarian croquette and vegetable pickle. Served with rice.

Gyudon Beef
Beef with onion, seasonal salad, vegetarian croquette and vegetable pickle. Served with rice.

Vegetable Tempura
Vegetable tempura, seasonal salad, vegetable dumpling and vegetable pickle. Served with rice.


Vegan Fried Rice
Bowl of vegan fried rice with seasonal fresh vegetables - $5

Miso Soup
Bowl of steaming hot mis soup - $5

Goyoza - $5

Fruit Tea - Freshly brewed japanese style fruit tea served either hot or cold - $4

About Us

At Japanese Rice Box we are passionate about food… good food. Hailing from Melbourne, the foodie capital of the universe, it is easy to get caught up in the fantastic cuisine of the city.
But sadly, why is it, that at many major events it is not possible to buy good tasty, healthy food? As consumers, why are our choices normally limited to kebabs, deep fried carbs or pre-packed something? (Do love these three staples though, as we all secretly desire them at different times)
At Rice Box Japanese Cuisine, we seek to provide a tasty, healthy alternative that we know everybody is seeking, and we know your mum would approve of. Our philosophy is to fuse Japanese themes with the Australian palate and provide a little twist to keep you coming back for more.
You will achieve a healthy balance with our bento boxes that have a choice of three meats, seasonal salad, vegetarian tempura (or croquette) and vegetable pickle served with rice. (We also provide a vegetarian option)
So why not come and find us at Queenscliff Music Festival and try one of our delicious bento boxes as you listen to the fantastic music. You won’t regret it!



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