Announcing the Good Times!

QMF Announces Three New Acts

Queenscliff Music Festival 28-30 November

With the countdown on just six weeks out from the festival, QMF HQ announce three new acts: Good Times Band featuring music legends Daryl Braithwaite, Richard Clapton & Russell Morris, Emma Swift (pictured) & Chris Pickering, and The Sweethearts join the new international acts just announced last week (Tim Chaisson from Canada and Trevor Hall from the USA), bringing the already extensive 2014 lineup to a grand total of 67 acts (plus kids performers and foot-in-door youth acts!).

It is with sincere disappointment and on doctor’s advice, that Kasey Chambers has cancelled her up-coming appearance at QMF this November.

Kasey has been diagnosed with small nodules and inflammation on her vocal cords, and therefore advised by specialists to severely lessen her workload, which will include postponement of her Bittersweet Tour (and cancellation of QMF appearance). She will undergo vocal therapy for the next few months to repair the damage and ultimately avoid surgery.

Kasey said, “I’m so disappointed that I will have to cancel my appearance at QMF due to 2 small nodules on my vocal chords. Doctors have advised that I lighten my workload considerably for a little while to give them a chance to heal, but luckily, if I take their advice, no surgery is needed. Thank you for the support over the last year, with some rest and a ‘no yelling at the kids to clean their room’, I’ll be back on track in no time!”.

QMF wishes Kasey all the best and a speedy recovery! 
Now let us tell you more about the exciting new additions...

The Good Times Band needs little more description than the names of its members who are each long-standing household names: Daryl Braithwaite, Richard Clapton & Russell Morris. From Russell Morris's Award-winning 2012 album Sharkmouth, to Richard Clapton's recent release 'Best Years 1974–2014 40th Anniversary Collection' and Daryl Braithwaite's 2013 album 'Forever the Tourist', these three stalwarts of the Australian music landscape bring  their decades of experience and the good times as a super-trio (plus band), and the combination is one to witness.

Known by many as an award-winning Sydney radio broadcaster, Emma Swift is a lonesome-voiced singer who moved away from Australia to Nashville, Tennessee where she was inspired to write and record her solo, self-titled debut album. She released it in August this year to rave reviews at home and around the world, along with a recent ARIA nomination for ‘Best Country Record’.

The Sweethearts are the present and future of soul music who have redefined what is possible, being the only school based band in the world that plays exclusively in professional settings. This rotating outfit of 25 young ladies tour the world, write their own songs and record CDs (and there is even a TV series about them!). 

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